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INTO THE EYES OF HUNGRY: Growing up in the Wilds of Australia is available on Amazon

An entrancing and at times harrowing memoir, this book wonderfully captuires a rural childhood filled with beauty and brutality, pain and challenge. Evoked in amazing detail, it’s a world far distant from the comforts and conformity familiar to many of us urban dwellers. As her Afterword reveals, Leila Kulpas has come a long, long way from her rough early days growing up on Australia’s Barrington Tops.

– Robin Laurence, Writer & Critic.

Into the Eyes of Hungry by Leila Kulpas is a poignant memoir that takes readers on a journey through the author’s tumultuous passage into adulthood in the wilds of Australia. Kulpas’ unfiltered memories vividly depict a life filled with physical and emotional hardship, immersing readers in the harsh realities of the bush. From a tender-hearted girl who falls in love with Hungry, her father’s horse, to a curious and resilient teenager, Leila’s story unfolds with the understanding and innocence of a young child.

This memoir begins in Leila’s early years, where she navigates a world that remains a mystery from her childlike perspective. Her parents’ nomadic lifestyle, in which they catch rabbits, sometimes with traps and sometimes with poison, exposes her to the unforgiving nature of wilderness life. As Leila grows older, her family settles into farming, which offers some reprieve, but introduces new challenges when her father becomes an alcoholic and her mother’s anger grows to consume her. Leila longs for her mother’s love, but attempts to please her often result in insults and condemnation, painting a heartbreaking portrait of domestic struggles.

Amidst her difficulties, Leila finds solace in the kindness of a few individuals. Uncle Bill and Aunt Charlotte provide much-needed affection and share stories that shed light on the complex dynamics within her family. Leila’s experiences underscore the treacherous paths she must navigate in her relationships. Despite her trials, Leila remains a curious and optimistic child, finding joy in small things and forming deep connections with animals.

Kulpas’ storytelling is captivating, drawing readers into the world of the Australian wilderness and the emotional landscape of her experiences. As she matures, her perspective becomes more nuanced, unveiling the intricacies of her life with mesmerizing detail. When her father finds gold and fame during her teen years, she finds a unified lifting of spirits in her family members, but when the mine is sold, Leila yearns for a life beyond the walls of her home. The memoir culminates in Leila’s coming of age and longing for independence, which is eventually granted by her Uncle Harold, who offers her a chance to forge her own path in the world.

Kulpas’ resilience, optimism, and love for animals shine through her narrative, infusing moments of levity and hope and inspiration. Despite the unique setting and circumstances, her story will resonate with readers who yearn to find the humanity that connects us all. Into the Eyes of Hungry is a moving memoir that captures the essence of a challenging upbringing while illuminating the power of resilience and the pursuit of finding joy amidst adversity.
-Book Review by Book Excellence

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