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Curran, Andrew S. Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely – I recommend it.

INTO THE EYES OF HUNGRY: Growing up in the Wilds of Australia is available on Amazon

An entrancing and at times harrowing memoir, this book wonderfully captuires a rural childhood filled with beauty and brutality, pain and challenge. Evoked in amazing detail, it’s a world far distant from the comforts and conformity familiar to many of us urban dwellers. As her Afterword reveals, Leila Kulpas has come a long, long way from her rough early days growing up on Australia’s Barrington Tops.

– Robin Laurence, Writer & Critic.

Cadbach Publishing (contact) is proud to be the publisher of “Into the Eyes of Hungry”.  Cadbach Publishing is capable of delivering to booksellers any number of copies requested. Retail price is C$26.95. 

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